Video material

Pre-Introducing an Ecology of Care by moderator Earle Taylor

Care in Personal development by Allan Barton

Care in Health/telemedicine by Jane Clemensen

Care in Conflict/Defence/Displaced person by Annemarie Peen Rodt

Care in Robotics and artificial intelligence by Anders Sorensen

Care in Engineering/technology by Josef Hargrave

Care in health by Ian Hargraves

Care in action by John Thackara

Care in global sustainability by Katherine Richardson

A Care-less world by Craig Bremner

Care in Social Economics by Katherine Trebeck

Care in Marketing by Harriett Levin Balkind

TEDxEAL:  An Ecology of Care: This is a talk about the importance of being human – a fundamental aspect of the EoC concept 

The Care model (excerpt from TEDxEAL)

Nora Bateson, 2011 An Ecology of Mind, The Gregory Bateson Documentary