Register for an Ecology of Care Congress 2016

(In)forming an Ecology of Care : A gathering of experts with a vision for Care

An International Congress on the Ecology of Care, to be held in Copenhagen (Thurs-Fri) 17-18 November, 2016

We invite expressions of interest from interesting and interested people who would like to discuss and develop innovative, world changing ideas with 12 specially selected industry leaders from a broad spectrum of industry and disciplines– this is a unique and rare opportunity to consider new perspectives on existing, real-world problems through the lens of an Ecology of Care – A human / natural world perspective. We want top thinkers from industry and academia to meet, to work together; to develop scenarios for change in a world seemingly short on ideas for real improvement on issues of global significance.

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Confirmed speakers & speaker bios 
Mr. John Thackara        Doors of Perception, FR
Dr. Katherine Richardson   Sustainability Science Centre, DK

Dr. Craig Bremner Ecology of Care, Aus
Dr. Ian Hargraves     KER, Mayo Clinic, USA
Dr. Katherine Trebeck     Oxfam, UK
Ms. Lorna Ross     CFI, Mayo Clinic, USA
Mr. Josef Hargrave     Arup Engineering, UK
Dr. Annemarie Peen Rodt  Royal Danish Defence, DK
Dr. Anders Sørensen     Robolab, DK
Mr. Allan Barton     Arup Engineering, UK
Ms. Harriett Balkind      Honest Ads, USA
Dr. Ian Coxon     Ecology of Care, DK