Ecology of Care Charter

EoC CHARTER 20170927 Final A synthesis of the thinking and contributions from delegates at the Copenhagen Congress 2016

Video material from Ecology of Care Congress 2016

Pre-Introducing an Ecology of Care by moderator Earle Taylor Care in Personal development by Allan Barton Care in Health/telemedicine by Jane Clemensen Care in Conflict/Defence/Displaced person by Annemarie Peen Rodt Care in Robotics and artificial intelligence by Anders Sorensen Care in Engineering/technology by Josef Hargrave Care in health by Ian Hargraves Care in action by […]

Register for an Ecology of Care Congress 2016

(In)forming an Ecology of Care : A gathering of experts with a vision for Care An International Congress on the Ecology of Care, to be held in Copenhagen (Thurs-Fri) 17-18 November, 2016 We invite expressions of interest from interesting and interested people who would like to discuss and develop innovative, world changing ideas with 12 […]

Why an ecology of Care? What’s the problem?

An Ecology of Care examines the fundamental reasons of why we do things and how we do them in relation to the many aspects of society and the challenges we face. On a global scale, the worlds of technology and nature are out of balance, and this provides a great many new opportunities for innovation […]